Small Business Ideas

As a business mentor with over 10 years experience assisting people to start their own business I thought I would put pen to paper and make a list of some of the small business ideas I have seen over the years, some I am sure you will have seen before and others may be more interesting and unusual.

If I tell you that I have spent two days a week for 4 years, with the Governments New Enterprise Allowance scheme mentoring the unemployed into self-employment and it has been a joy to behold, every week brings with it new faces, new ideas and plenty of enthusiasm to get started and become independent of the man.

Some business ideas are weak and ill thought through, others are a sound principle with good solid practical human skills behind them and they are destined to succeed.

My top 10 frequent flyers small business ideas in no particular oder are as follows:

  1. Cleaner
  2. Gardener
  3. Joiner
  4. Plumber
  5. Handyman
  6. Web Designer
  7. Painter and Decorator
  8. Crafter
  9. eBay seller
  10. Motor Mechanic

Fairly routine you may say and yes I would agree, however, the more time I spend with start-up businesses the more I realise that if in your past you have no experience of the skills needed to run your perfect small business idea, then it is doomed for failure.

For instance lets consider someone like myself. If I wanted to be a builder, joiner, plumber etc I would not have a hope or prayer as my DIY skills are terrible let alone to have the audacity to claim to be a professional, and yet I still see people who have come from a background working in travel and tourism and such like, who want to convert without any training to working in the allied trades, or specialist professional sectors. What makes them think this is a good idea.

My advice is to write your business ideas in a pad, go to bed, sleep on it and if it is still a good idea in the morning then expand the thought process from an idea into a basic business plan. Just one side of A4 paper will do, covering the following sections, and don’t forget to check out local free resources to help you on the way.

What do you want to do?

Who will do what in your new business?

What has led you to this, and what skills needed to run a business like this?

Who are your top 5 local competitors?

How are you going to be different from them?

How do you intend to charge for your services or products?

What will it cost to get started?

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