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re Your children fussy eaters? Before suffering from malnutrition, give him honey everyday. From the research proven, honey can increase appetite, reduce the level of morbidity to heat and cold, besides that honey has a complete nutritional content. Feeding of children aged under 5 years old is tricky. If the child had a high appetite, parents are not going to bother. The children will eat every food that is given with gusto. Conversely, children with under 5 years with low appetite or difficulty eating, making parents are often overwhelmed, even nearly losing their mind to persuade him to eat.

Every types of food tested. The reaction of the children just throw back the food in his mouth when it is not acccording to their tastes. Unfortunately, his favorite food is less nutritious. In fact, the variety of food is very necessary. If this situation continues, the child might suffer from lack of food and malnutrition, so easily hurt. As a result of all, this growth process become abnormal. The most troubling, when he became part of a generation without a future (lost generation).

Improve Appetite

Fortunately, there are research from Y. Widodo, a researchers at the Nutrition Research and Development Center in Bogor. It is brought good news from parents who have children less protein energy. He reported that offering of honey on a regular basis every day can lower level of mordibity (hot and cold) and improve the appetite of children under 5 years old. Research conducted on 5 patients Clinical Nutrition, Center for Nutrition, which suffered less protein energy due to financial crisis.

There are 51 children aged 13-36 months who are involved in research. They were divided into 2 groups, first Honey Group (25 peoples) as a sample and the second Syrup Group as a control. both groups are equally given additional vitamin B-complex and vitamin C (50 mg).

Indicator observed between other anthropometric data (age, body weight, height/length), economic, recall consumption, history of child health at the time before, during, and after about two months. The result of research showed, the level of morbidity to heat and cold from Honey Group declines, increased appetite, serving and eating frequency increased, so that their protein and energy consumption also increased compared with the Syrup Group.

The health benefits of honey that are apparent in these studies caused by 2 thins. First, honey is a food that contains various nutrients while sugar contains only energy or calories. Second, honey also contains compounds that is have antibiotic characteristic.

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