Google Instant – Boon or Bane for Search Engine Optimization Experts

Is online marketing challenged by introduction of Google Instant:

A buzz is fast spreading on the impact of introduction of Google Instant feature by the search engine giant, Google on the effectiveness and in some cases, on the relevance of running search engine optimization campaigns. While certain experts feel that Google Instant threatens the very existence of search engine optimization as a service with the argument that this feature makes it virtually impossible for anyone to influence the instantly changing search engine listings by on-page and off-page optimization techniques, on the other end of the spectrum are people like me, who strongly feel that on the contrary, Google Instant creates a far more stronger case for the use of search engine optimization experts to ensure top search engine rankings for the appropriate keywords and to enable expanding the reach of the website to be visible for as many keywords as possible.

What is Google Instant?

As defined by Google, ‘Google Instant is a new search enhancement that shows results as you type’. This means that the moment someone starts typing a search query, search results start appearing based on the most likely queries the searcher is looking for as predicted by Google. In simple terms, as per my understanding the thought behind this move to introduce Google Instant is to minimize the time and effort required by a searcher to find what he is looking for by pre-empting his thought process and displaying to him various possibilities and alternatives on that basis. The main advantages of Google Instant are that it makes searching faster by showing results before the entire query is typed, it can help people who are not sure how to find on Google what they are looking for by providing them various query alternatives to instantboostup choose from and instant results which keep on changing as the query progresses creating a sort of sequence of search results for the searcher to look at and thus expand the choices he has for selecting accurately what he is looking for.

Does Google Instant really enhance search experience?

Google Instant intends to provide search results to netizens at lightning speed almost immediately. However, how accurate are these results in terms of matching up with the actual intended query of the searcher is debatable. The fear is that in its endeavour to help the average searcher, Google may end up with creating a confusion in his mind or diverting his attention from the actual query he had in his mind to start with. I am not too excited about an average searcher being bombarded with search results for each alphabet he types from the very beginning, but maybe displaying instant results from the moment the pattern of his search query becomes definitive can be a better idea.

Google Instant, to my mind, is more helpful for people who may be termed as casual searchers who are clouded in their thoughts on what they really want, but for the serious searcher with a clear intent in their mind, this feature to my mind is a sort of an irritant which they can do without.

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