Paltinis on Two Wheels

Did you know that at the beginning of the 20th century, Paltinis was considered by the Austro-Hungarians, ‘the most beautiful mountain place from the East to Karlovy Vary’?

We allow ourselves to make a short edit and to say that Paltinis is actually the most beautiful mountain biking place from the East to Karlovy Vary!

The strongest proofs are in fact the annually organized races on the Sibiu-Paltinis route, which are really popular among the two-wheel lovers, like the Sibiu Tour, XCM or the Cyclist Tour.

Paltinis offers relaxing and fun activities, equally, for the amateur cyclists, but also some novel experiences for the cycling, extreme sports or motor sports lovers.

Although there are certain myths escolhasegura according which Paltinis is more redoubtable than the Transfagarasan when you are on two wheels, these are just legends ready to be debunked!

Conquering Cindrel on bike should be your number one priority this year, especially if you’re one of the numberless biking lovers. As long as snow doesn’t come out, you can confront the mountain on two wheels!

The spectacular routes such as Cantonul Muncel – Gatu Berbecului – Refugiul Canaia – Saua Cindrel, sprinkled with lunch breaks and naps in the accommodation centers in Paltinis, are perfect for a well-deserved weekend or why not, an even longer holiday.

The daring ones can always choose more difficult routes, with a length of over 50 km, up to Gura Raului or Poplaca.

The experience of a biking race in Paltinis is in fact the combination between the useful and the pleasant, because when you choose this kind of holiday or weekend activity, you are actually choosing the healthy way of relaxation.

Your physical condition is automatically improved, while recharging your batteries with fresh and cold mountain air and delighting your eyes with the amazing landscapes this area is offering you.

At the same time, you get the chance to spoil yourself with some of the most delicious, traditional and authentic dishes such as telemea, cas, urda, burduf, jintita, pastrami, tochitura, fasole cu ciolan and polenta made in a rustic kettle, outside, on fire.

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