Latest Medical Heart News

Heart research is constantly evolving. Read the latest news about what you can do or what you should not do for your heart.

– Canadian researchers discovered that people who return to a stressful job after a heart attack are more likely to have a second attack than those without high levels of job stress. About 1000 people were looked at by the researchers. In 6 years, over 200 of the patients suffered heart problems again.

– According to researchers at University College London, unhappy relationships are bad for the heart. Scientists found that people who do not have emotional support and understanding from their partner, have a 34% increased risk of heart disease than those in happy relationships.

– Subclinical hypothyroidism (mildly underactive thyroid) can increase risk of heart failure. According to a new study, people with the condition are twice as likely to have heart failure compared to those who have normally functioning thyroids.

– Among people who experienced a heart attack and later developed depression, a lack of response to antidepressant treatment suggests a high risk of another cardiac incident. It was discovered that the non-responders to treatment were nearly 3 times more likely to experience a new cardiovascular episode compared with the untreated patients.


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