Performance of Digital Marketing in Egypt in 2017

Overall Overview

The online world experienced amazing improvement in 2016, with the speed of progress stimulating across over each and every key pointer versus 2015.

• 3.77 billion overall web clients in 2017

• 2.80 billion overall web-based media clients in 2017,

• 4.92 billion overall versatile clients in 2017

• 2.56 billion overall versatile web-based media clients in 2017

• 1.61 billion overall internet business clients in 2017

The speed of progress was a critical story in a year prior’s Digital in 2016 report too, anyway thinking about that overall web penetration has now beated half, we were amazed by how much the pace of progress continued stimulating throughout late months:

• Internet clients created by 10% of each 2016, up 354 million stood out from 2015

• Active web-based media clients extended by 21%, up 482 million versus 2015

• Unique versatile clients created by 5%, up 222 million over the span of late months

• Mobile online media clients created by 30%, up to an imperative 581 million out of 2016

Web clients created by to some degree more than they did in 2015, while web based systems administration and adaptable electronic informal communication customers were up by more than twofold the amount of new customers we uncovered a year prior. The pace of improvement for exceptional flexible customer extended by the larger part appeared differently in relation to a year prior, with 81 million even more new customers in 2016 diverged from the advancement we declared in a year back’s assessment.

Local Overviews

Mechanized in Africa turned out to be only imperceptibly in 2017, notwithstanding the way that the web client data we’re declaring this year reflects some significant source changes versus our 2016 report. In particular, the amount of web client definite by true hotspots for Egypt, Malawi, and Eritrea have all been changed down stunningly, which has the effect of disproving countless the increments posted by various nations.

Nevertheless, 7 of the 10 snappiest creating web peoples on earth are in Africa, with the amount of customers declared in Ethiopia significantly increasing versus the numbers we itemized a year back. Short of what one out of three people transversely over Africa moves toward the web today, notwithstanding, and current improvement designs propose we’ll be into the 2020s going before we see web entrance levels over the landmass pass the half check.

On an all the additionally encouraging note, in any case, flexible web based systems administration use in Africa extended by practically half in 2016, regardless of the way that at just 12% passageway over the region, there’s still abundance more space to create.

The Middle East cases the best position in the current year’s improvement rankings, notwithstanding, with each and every key pointer showing vital turn of events. Web customers are up 15% year-on-year, with the neighborhood total rapidly approach the 150 million stamp.

Web based systems administration utilize general grew an astonishing 47% in the past a year, with adaptable electronic informal communication up 44%. Penetration for both key social pointers stays underneath 40% in any case, so there’s still a ton of room for more extraordinary improvement in 2017.

Worldwide Facebook Users

Facebook worldwide month to month dynamic clients recorded 1.78 billion clients with the finish of the third quarter, 2016. The USA drives the Global Facebook clients with around 200 Million clients that are speaking to about 11.7% of the worldwide Facebook clients. Egypt is positioned the twelfth among the world nations regarding the quantity of Facebook clients.

Territorial Facebook Users

Egypt leads among the Arab nations with its 33 million Facebook clients that are speaking to about 26.4% of Facebook clients in the Arab world (125 million clients).

Be that as it may, regarding entrance Qatar leads, while Egypt comes at the twelfth spot among the 20 Arabian nations.

Utilization Insights

Web clients profited the most structure the web for mingling and for learning:

Better social movement and systems administration

Additional learning openings and assets

More extensive assortment of merchandise and enterprises to look over

Better decision from the accessible merchandise and enterprises

Getting the required help in close to home crises

More communication with the network and city associations

More communication with the business associations

More communication with the administrative associations and organizations

Trust Vs. Online Ads Formats/Channels

Promotions showed by means of Social channels are the most trusted

Web-based media publicizing (for example Facebook…

Shown in query items

Versatile SMS

Online video (in-video promoting)

Versatile (applications)

Email promoting

Show and standard publicizing

Trust Vs. Areas

Promotions from innovation area are the most trusted



Occasions and Entertainment

Home Appliances

Home Furniture and Home Products

The travel industry and Travel

Retail and Shopping

Food and Beverages

Occupations and Training

Car and Related


Lodging and Real Estate

Business and Professional Services

Makeup and Pharmaceuticals

Monetary Services

When fascinating, and believed the INITIAL reactions to Ads would be Search or Click

44%: I looked for the item/brand utilizing an internet searcher

40%: I tapped on the Ad itself

36%: I researched the item/brand through online networks and conversations

24%: I just overlooked the Ad

23%: I composed the organization site address into the program and visited

18%: I shared to my online contacts and organizations

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