Why Not Share and Show Kindness?

When you are blessed with abundance, or even if that is not the case, why not share and show kindness to others? Recently, I heard about a man who fell upon hard times. Although he had previously had more than enough money, he was having financial problems which made it difficult for him to keep up on his bills. He asked his cousin for a loan of several thousand dollars to tide him over and help him pay some bills during a rough period. The cousin, who was worth millions, refused with the explanation that he had made it a practice to never lend out money. He said he needed to keep the money for his family.

A few thousand dollars would not make a dent in the financial well being of someone who has millions. Yet this person was unwilling to help out a relative. Families should be willing to help each other out through hard times.

Warren Buffet, one of the richest people in the world, has encouraged his fellow billionaires to give away money. Rich people often start foundations to help people in need. These are worthy gestures, but sometimes the people closest to you are the ones you could help out most. Families should be concerned with each other and should be happy to help if their situation warrants it.

During World War II, Americans of Japanese heritage were extremely persecuted and were even stripped of their freedom and incarcerated in camps which had been built in remote areas of the country. They were forcibly removed from their homes on the West Coast of the United States with little time to prepare. Some of them had neighbors or friends who said they would take care of their property and belongings while they were imprisoned. Some of the Japanese Americans entrusted their possessions to people they thought were their friends. Most returned to find nothing remained. However, a few families returned after the war ended to find that kind neighbors had been true to their word. They had taken care of their property. They then shared what they had with the displaced persons who returned after years of being incarcerated.

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