The Absolute 10 Greatest Tips For Purchasing a Home Espresso Machine

Choosing the right home espresso machine can be a difficult task but with some basic knowledge and wisdom of how a coffee and espresso maker works, how much they cost, and specific features you get for the money, selecting the right option is easy. One point is clear. If you are spending money at a coffee shop at least 3-4 times per week the payoff on a home espresso machine is well worth the investment:

Let’s do the math:

1. Average cost for a coffee specialty drink such as an espresso or cappuccino: $3.50 2. Number of trips to the Coffee Shop per year: 52 weeks * 4 visits per week = 208 yearly visits 3. Yearly Cost: $3.50 espresso drink cost * 208 yearly visits = $728 Annually

For $728, one can purchase a full-featured super automatic espresso machine. Ok, now that you see that an home espresso machines is good investment, let talk about some tips on how to buy one:

1. Decide what type of espresso drinks you like. Do you like a cappuccino or mocha or just a straight shot of espresso? How about a regular cup of coffee? The choices for home espresso machines will vary greatly. Most super automatic espresso coffee machines can brew you a strong cup of coffee just like you find at the coffee houses as well as the espresso drinks. Perhaps you would like to choose between regular coffee and decaf in which case a bypass doser on the home espresso machine is a good option. Choose between a super automatic, semi automatic, or automatic home espresso machines. The most popular type of espresso machine is a super automatic espresso machines.

2. Cost. While many people like to have all of the bells and whistles, buying a quality espresso machine is much like buying a car. Do you need heated seats if you live in Arizona? Same principle. Decide on what type of drinks you like, find a machine with those features and set a budget. The most common question we get is how much do I have to spend for a quality machine? If you are spending $750 – $1,000 on a fine brand super automatic such as Saeco or Gaggia, you will be purchasing a quality home espresso machine with standard features suitable for most people. If you want the highest quality espresso drinks, a semi automatic espresso machine such as a Rancilio or Pasquini are priced in the $700 to $1,500 range. Semi-automatic espresso machines are a bit more work but results are outstanding. All excellent choices.


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