How Can I Determine What Kind of Cabinet I Have in the Corner of My Kitchen?

Do you have problems reaching the items in the back of your corner cabinets? There are organization accessories for this. First you need to know what kind of cabinet you have.

A standard corner cabinet measures the same distance from each of the walls past the door on each face. It has two doors on the cabinet face (the part you see from the front) that are equal in size. Whether the doors are hinged together or not does not matter in this exercise. The doors are usually 9″ wide on a 33″ corner cabinet and 12″ wide on 36″ cabinets (give or take a little. As long as they are equal). Organization accessories are designed to fit these standard cabinet sizes. Measure over the countertop and verify by measuring inside the cabinet to be sure the cabinet was built to use all of the space. It is a common price saver to use a smaller cabinet in the corner and pull it away from the wall. The interior measurement is important to be sure that was not done in your kitchen.

A blind corner cabinet has a single door that reaches in and to one side. If you open the cabinet and there is space to the right of the door it is called a right side corner cabinet. If the space is to the left it is called a left side blind corner cabinet. Organization accessories are either made for the right or the left in blind corner situations. The best way to measure your usable space in these cabinets is to measure the inside of the cabinet. It is common practice to pull a blind corner cabinet away from the wall. You will need to measure how far yours goes back from the door and you will need to know the width of your door. You do not want to purchase an organization accessory that will not fit into the size of the cabinet you have.

If you have another configuration then you have a custom corner cabinet. This limits your options for standard organization accessories that will fit and effectively utilize the space but with a little creativity and knowledge of the standard sizes (noted above) that manufacturers produce products for; you may be able to figure out a way to use standard organization accessories in your custom space. If you are unable to come up with a solution then you may want to consult a specialist. Be sure to have your measurements with you when you do this. The specialist will need to know the width of each door, the depth of the cabinet in each direction, if the back is squared off or if it is clipped (angled in the back), are there any fixed shelves (shelves that may not be removed), what is the height of the cabinet opening. It is always helpful if you research available options prior to consulting a specialist so you can describe what you do and do not like as a starting point.

Now that you know what kind of corner cabinet you have and you have measured; it is time to look at the options you have for organization accessories that will work within your space. Knowing the type of corner cabinet that you have is not guaranteed to keep you from wanting an item that will not work in your space but it will help keep you on track to find the kinds of organization accessories that will fit in your space.


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