Mighty Fixit Reviews

As Seen On TV products always seem to promise a bit more than they can deliver so when I see a new product arrive on the scene, I always wonder if it will really solve my problems. I really needed something that would fix a leaky windshield fluid hose in my car and plug and air mattress leak, but of course I was skeptical.

The advertising for the product Mighty Fixit made it look so great but here is my real experience.

Besides being entertained by the infomercial I had high hopes but very low expectations for the product itself. I’m glad to report that this gadget happens to be great and the product seems to do it all. Well, at least all the stuff if showed on TV. Think of Mighty Fixit is everything that we wish duct tape could be. It’s supposed to fix, seal and repair just about anything.

When I say anything, I’m really referring to cracks in hoses, leaks in pipes, torn power cords, etc. Now this product is not tape. It’s not even sticky and there is no adhesive. It’s some kind of stretchy silicone material that will adhere to itself.

This means that as long as you can wrap it around something a few times and back over itself, you can create a seal. So if you have a crack in your radiator hose, you will wrap the product around the hose a few times which will allow it to trace the shape of the hose, create and air tight and water tight seal, and ultimately fix your problem.

So basically you would use this stuff like tape but it is much more permanent and really works well. But, here’s the catch, and it took me a while to discover it.

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