Creating Stylish Displays With Inexpensive Plastic Containers

Convenience store plastic containers are inexpensive, easy-to-use solutions to organizing a variety of merchandise types; however, rather than purchasing the most common kind of container, tossing your merchandise in, and slinging it all up on your countertop, why not have some fun?

Below are three tips to help you get started creating stylish displays with inexpensive plastic containers.

1. Make Your Store’s Space Work for You

Plastic containers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, which makes it easier for you to choose the containers that will fit best in the space you plan to use. For example, if you want to create a display on your convenience store’s countertop, you might want to choose a few small, square plastic containers. On the other hand, if you have a large space to work with, you might want to choose several large plastic containers.

Also keep in mind that your plastic containers don’t have to stand alone. You can displays them on convenience store racks designed specifically to hold plastic containers. Just like the containers themselves, these plastic or wire display racks come in numerous shapes and sizes. You can find convenience store display racks for countertops as well as taller and wider wire displays perfect for placing in the floor near your register, the door, or throughout your store’s aisles.

So, you can make your store’s space work for you in three easy steps:


  • Look at the kind of merchandise you want to display.
  • Choose plastic containers that are both big enough to hold the merchandise and small enough to work with the space you have.
  • Determine whether a wire display rack would better hold and display your plastic containers.

2. Keep Your Displays Organized 

This might seem like common sense, but customers appreciate when similar items are grouped together. Grouping similar items together in your displays makes it easier for customers to locate merchandise, so make sure each of the plastic containers within your display holds the same kind of product.

If you haven’t yet decided where you want to create your display, take a walk through your store. Pay attention to the sections that feature numerous similar items and include several smaller items within that group.

For example, if your convenience store sells hygiene products for travelers who forgot to pack them or locals who live close to your store, consider leaving the full-sized items on the shelves and creating a plastic container display for the travel-sized items. Or, leave all the liquid items like shampoo, condition, soap, and shaving cream on the shelves and put the non-liquid items like tissues, razors, combs, and toothbrushes in the containers.

3. Have Fun with Your Plastic Containers!

Square or round clear plastic containers are the most common kind you’ll see in convenience store displays. This is because they’re the most reliable and effect when it comes to clearly showcasing your merchandise and providing customers with convenient access to the items.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t shake things up here and there! Consider these ideas for having fun with your plastic container displays:


  • Choose colored acrylic containers: Not all plastic containers are clear. You can choose colored acrylic containers that are translucent enough to clearly display your merchandise but different enough to add some visual appeal.
  • Look for plastic containers in fun shapes: Round and square are the most common plastic container shapes, but you can find containers in other shapes like stars, hearts, and hexagons, as well as holiday-themed shapes like Christmas trees, Santa Claus boots, and Halloween pumpkins.
  • Consider wire display racks: As mentioned above, wire display racks help you make the most of your store’s space; however, they also allow you to organize your containers in visually appealing, and convenient, ways. Look for wire racks that fit the space you have to work with as well as the plastic containers you plan to use.

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