Uses and Characteristics of Engraved Plastic Signs

There are many types of signs in the market today. What would be the best type to consider?

It will not harm you if you take some time to check out on engraved signs. Have you ever seen any engraved signs before? You must have been but is too busy to examine its various positive characteristics.

Nowadays, you can trust that compositions of engraved signs are more durable because phenolic and lamicoid is no longer the material used. Now, engraved plastic signs are among the following:


  • Laminated ABS
  • Acrylic Cap with an ABC core
  • Laminated Acrylic Cap
  • Fragile Shorter Term plastics
  • Thick High Top Core Layers
  • Insulated plastics common in the electrical industry.


You can check out for these kinds of plastics in your local stores or online. Many stores can create engraved signs for your desired usage.

Common uses of engraved plastic signs


  • Room Markings
  • Name plates
  • Sub-surface engraving
  • Very durable interior or exterior signs
  • Electrical panel markings
  • Professional titles.
  • Instructions and commands


You can always ask for assistance from the experts on what are the best types of plastics for your desired use of the engraved signs. If you are looking for a type that can withstand weather extremes, you might want to consider Reversed engraved plastic signs or tags.

Reversed engraved plastic signs or tags

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