Your Options For a Corner Medicine Cabinet

In a bathroom, as a rule, there is a cabinet set above the sink. That can prove to be a bit of a problem however, when the bathroom sink is sitting in the corner of the room. That’s the reason for the advent of the corner medicine cabinet.

Regardless of whether the sink is set right across the corner of the bathroom, or just very close to the corner, you have plenty of choices when it comes to picking a bathroom wall cabinet to use with your sink.

One type of corner medicine cabinet is the kitty-corner cabinet. This means that the cabinet is placed in the corner of a room, spanning two separate walls.

The design of this type of cabinet, at least from the front, will appear very much the same as a normal bathroom wall cabinet. But the back of the cabinet will be quite different – it will be in a V-shape, to fit into the corner of the room.

The benefit of this design, besides the fact that it will fit in a space that normal bathroom medicine cabinets will not, is that this type of corner cabinet will be deeper, allowing a bit more storage than standard bathroom medicine cabinets.

The other option for a corner medicine cabinet is useful if the sink is set next to a wall. This gives you the perfect opportunity to install a large cabinet. The corner medicine cabinet in this case has an L-shape. Not only does this style of cabinet offer a lot of storage, but if it has two mirrors, it makes a perfect set up for women to put on makeup and do their hair.

When it comes to the challenges of a corner sink, finding the right cabinet to go with it is not impossible. You may need to search to find the type of corner medicine cabinet you want, but you shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding it. After all, nowadays you’re not limited to your local home improvement store – you can search the internet as well.


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