Most Comfortable Running Shoes – How to Select Them

Shoes for running have never stopped being developed for the most comfortable fit for most people. The old canvass flat soles that we used to call running shoes cannot pass today’s standards for comfort and protection. This generation of runners has really been spoiled by the plush cushioning and soft insoles of most running shoes.

We all want the best for our feet and this article guides you in looking for the perfect running shoes. Read on to find out what type of shoes give the most comfort.

The most comfortable shoes for one person might feel like a bed of nails to another. Therefore, it is best to follow the five guidelines discussed below in finding the most comfortable shoes.

Foot Strike Match

Novice runners will slowly find out after a few weeks of running that they can vary how their foot lands on each gait cycle. Some people will be more comfortable with striking heel first while others feel faster with running on their toes. Some strike the ground quite solidly in between.

Very good shoes address these different tendencies on foot impact by having materials to absorb the impact depending on location. Once you find which type of foot striker you are then look for a shoe that is designed for that. This will greatly smoothen your landings and make your shoes more comfortable to run on.

Molding Materials

Shoes have begun to adjust themselves literally to their owner’s feet. Such is the advancement of shoes for running this past decade that material have been created solely to mold to an individual’s unique foot shape.

A lot of different running shoe companies are carrying “bio morphing” shoes. Others will take a few dozens of miles to set in while some just need an hour’s worth of walking to mold into your shoe shape.

This customized fit is a revolution in the industry and gives the runner a custom made comfortable ride. It cannot get any better than this.

A Shoe That Fits Properly

Sadly different shoes will tend to fit differently. Models from even the same brand could be two sizes plus or minus from each other. The perfect thing to do would be to fit the shoe at your local running store.

When purchasing online it helps very much to read reviews on whether or not the shoes tight or lose for any given size. A few minutes of your time reading can prevent the hassle of returning shoes.


Shoes nowadays are a lot more cushioned than their counterparts 10 years ago. Like most technology advancements in the industry the idea of having runners feel like they are literally running on air has been developed. Some shoes have midsoles so soft you would have to double check if you aren’t planting your foot on sand.

Runners today are very lucky to have shoes that are extremely comfortable. It is not difficult to find out which ones are comfortable. All you need to do is to make sure you get features that are mentioned above.

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