Dieting Lifestyle and Attitude

The study of Ying and Yang in Chinese culture can be best used to describe how our lifestyle and attitude affects our diet.The Yang represents the bright, loud, active and masculine. Ying represents the softer side – quiet, still and feminine side of things. Like in nature you have day and night. Similarly, you have winter and summer. This is the dynamic balance of the law of nature.

These days people are always busy chasing the glory of wealth and power. You often hear ” Time is short”, ” I have no time”.From young we are told to work hard to get straight “As” get a good job and settle down happily. This attitude gives rise to opportunities in business like Fast Food Meals. Imagine the excess MSG, sugar and salt that make up these meals to make them more pleasant to our taste-buds. As we all know these are junk food. It is alarming to see so many young children in developed countries having obesity problems.

This is unbalanced lifestyle. In life we need pit stops or breaks and must be cultivated. Dancing and aerobic exercises are getting popular amongst the adults in their 40’s and 50’s. Not only relationship is strengthened but also encourages a healthy lifestyle. In-line dancing is fast catching in Singapore. Tai Chi is another form. Slow and gentle- it is very helpful in blood circulation. Treat it as an exercise and not a martial art.

Despite the increase in tobacco and liquor taxes in many countries, ironically there is an increase in smokers especially the female. Cigarettes are additive. It contains many harmful chemicals. The tar builds up in the lungs, taxes the heart and it’s cancerous. To kill the tobacco smell many take chewing gums or sweets. You know this is bad. This destructive habit not only affects our diet and subsequently our health. No wonder diabetes is on the rise.

Sufficient sleep is also important. Our body needs to rest too. An eight-hour sleep is the norm. Nowadays you have 24/7 joints to keep you company but our attitude needs to change.

Drink more water as it helps to drain out toxins in our body through the urinary system. It also cools our body and clears heat.

Stress taxes our body system and is one of the causes of gaining weight.Those with stress tend to harm their body even more by excess eating and sleeping less.

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