Plastic Mailing Bags

Plastic mailing bags are used to mail different kinds of items from one place to another. These are generally lightweight, yet strong. In general, these bags have an adhesive strip available, which is to be peeled off and then used to seal the bag once the item is kept inside. This ensures that the bag is secure, tamper proof and ready to be mailed. It can be used for a variety of items such as clothes, books, letters and boxes. A big advantage of plastic mailing bags is that they are water proof. If sealed properly, they can also prevent moisture from seeping in.

Plastic mailing bags come in a variety of colors and sizes and depending on what items are to be mailed; the particular bag must be selected. As a rule, clear bags are not widely used for mailing purposes as the items can be seen and confidentiality and secrecy is not ensured. Plastic mailing bags are also sold in bulk and the number of plastic mailing bags per case is dependent on the size of the mailing bag. As the size increases, the number of plastic mailing bags per case goes down and sometimes large mailing bags are sold separately.

Plastic mailing bags are not as widely used as the other kinds of plastic bags. Nowadays, even courier companies prefer to use thick paper and other such materials, citing durability and quality as one of the choices. Plastic can tear very easily and cannot hold heavy items. This is also one of the reasons why plastic mailing bags are not as common nowadays. Nevertheless, their use has not diminished totally. In many parts of the world, they are still quite common due to their easy availability and economical prices.

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