How Long Should Online Article Authors Make Their Internet Articles?

The question is often raised as to how long online articles should be for online article marketers. Interestingly enough we see many of the Internet news articles 150 to 250 words, which isn’t very much, but it is enough to allow for the basics, such as the; who, what, when, where, how and why; which we often associate with our news. Still, online article marketing is somewhat different in that the goal is to gain the readers trust, give them some decent information, and then allow them to click on the link on the byline of the article.

Some believe the length to get that done means the article needs to be 400-600 words, others who are extremely good writers do it much faster. So, indeed, you can see the dilemma here, it’s almost as if it is an individual thing? So, the question in this case is what stipulations should Internet article directory websites put as their mandatory minimum for article word count acceptance? Ah, good question, right.

Maybe 300-words might help or be temporary compromise. Or 400 words for new article authors which are still in the trial period with a basic Level membership. Later it could be taken down to 300 after 50 articles had been submitted? Although, I’ve seen folks with 1,000 articles with 260 words of absolute nonsense, as in; “What the heck are they doing with or trying to prove with that article?”

Interestingly enough, I can recall when the word count was 200-words at one of the top directory article web sites and things were not working out because some authors would write a sentence, make a new paragraph, write a sentence, make a new paragraph until they had 15-16 lines of text and call it an article at 201 words? That didn’t work.

Although, occasionally there was a decent article with 210 words, but not often, only every once in a while, which is why I have changed my thinking to relaxed minimum word counts. As an author of articles myself, I remember in the beginning I was writing 1500 word articles and one of the website directory owners was nice enough to send me a personal email, asking why I was writing such long articles.

That was back in 2005 and there were not many people posting articles on these types of Internet article sites. One of the top websites at the time, I think only 2000 authors or so, most with only 1-20 articles, but that is how it started, so it’s been a long road, and a lot of work as I can see, very humble beginnings of this article marketing venue, which sure has done an incredible thing, I look back and say “wow!”

Articles are also an interesting thing, because some popular or famous quotes can make us really think for hours and they are only two-lines. Great Poetry is often like this, it puts a world of information and everlasting insight into 80 words or less often enough. Sometimes it is the message you convey, and that doesn’t really have much to do with the word count.

Of course, if folks are trying to “pump out” articles with catchy titles, and as many as humanly or computer generated possible, then they write to the word count minimum and often, abruptly end the article, leaving the reader to think “WTH” and more importantly thinking “why did I waste my time,” then that is a travesty to all article authors on any of the directory sites and the future potential revenue stream to all the authors. Too much of that sort of thing will get major search engines to down-grade and that would be horrible. Please consider all that.

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