Online Speed Reading

It is a very useful skill to have and develop. There are a number of techniques available to help you in improving your abilities.

The Writing Structure

Most websites on the Internet follow a basic structure, that is, an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Each section plays a particular role, but it’s the introduction and conclusion that are the most vital sections. By just reading these, you’ll be able to appreciate the most important points without getting swamped with details.

Using Your Finger to Focus

By using your finger or a pointing tool and sliding it across each sentence as you read, you can quicken the pace of your online speed reading. This is because your eyes normally move around, but by creating a focal point, you can help your eyes concentrate on one particular line of text at a time. Make sure you continue to read at a comfortable pace; the more you practice, the faster you’ll become.

Skip Words in the Text

There are a number of words which we encounter so often that if we were to miss them out, there would be loss in the understanding of a piece of text. To begin to miss out particular words takes time and practice however. Start by choosing a common word, for example, “the,” and skip this word every time you see it. As your brain recognizes that it doesn’t need to process this word separately each time, the rate of your online it will increase.

Increase Your Vocabulary

When you improve vocabulary, especially if you read a lot of specialized material, you’ll not only be able to read faster but understand text quicker and easier. To improve your speed reading, it’s important to look up words you don’t know rather than guessing the meaning. Therefore, next time you read this word you’ll know for certain what it means without having to look over the context again.

Scan and Review Material

Scanning a text means basically looking over the main titles, subtitles, pictures, and keywords. This prepares your brain so that when you speed read it afterward; it’s able to comprehend the material more easily. Once you’ve scanned and speed read, take time to review the keywords. The fact that you’ll have gone over the text at least three times helps place this information into your long-term memory.

Reading without Sub Vocalization

When we read, we tend to say the words “out loud” in our heads. By eliminating this inner voice, you can increase the pace of your online speed reading. Again, this takes practice. But, by only allowing your eyes and brain to process the words and cutting out repeating them in your head, you’ll notice you’re able to read faster. It is a good technique to learn. By speed reading, you can appreciate the main principles behind a text quickly and easily. Whether it’s for work, education, or fun, many of us read and process a lot of written texts daily. By teaching yourself online speed reading, you’ll be able to get through material much faster without losing any of the real meaning behind it.

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