Social Marketing Flops – 5 Deadly Mistakes Businesses Make Online

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the dozens of other social networks have one thing in common. Sure, they have different appearances, some use video, some only text, and some use a combination of both. But despite their differences, they are all SOCIAL networks. Don’t make these deadly anti-social blunders.

1 – Restricting user input – You need to allow comments, allow your prospects to add video and audio, let them have a say in creating posts and content. edu-art-gelderland You have entered THEIR social network. It is not called a SELLER’S network, so be sociable.

2 – Not using all the bells and whistles – The reason most business owners do not use all the tools an online Social Network has to offer is they are afraid to mess up. While this is sound thinking to avoid running your fans off, it is incomplete thinking. If you can not figure something out, hire a trained Social Media Marketing guru to help you.

3 – Not updating frequently – A couple of years ago, I jumped in without knowing a thing and created my own Facebook Fan Page. Well, I kept putting off adding new content, even though it only takes a few seconds. I lost all credibility, and watched as one by one, every one of my fans left. Don’t make that mistake!

4 – Not being online at all – Can the internet be a scary place? Yes, it can be. But that is no excuse not to get out there and have someone help you along the way. As a business owner, you have no doubt taken many chances. This is no different. The difference here is you don’t have to go it alone.

5 – Not letting people know they are online – Okay, you contacted a Social Marketing expert, developed a plan, implemented it, and are ready to go! You can not just wait for people to find you. Shout it from the hilltops if you have to, but get the word out.

I like to think of Social Marketing as giving a meet and greet. Whenever I move to a new area, I host an evening bar-b-cue or indoor “get-to-know-me” party. And the last thing I do is begin by talking about my business!

If someone asks, I simply say, “I help people make more money for themselves or their business online, but I am more interested in what you do.” This simple line hits at the center of your Social Media Marketing plan. Get in touch with a Social Marketing consultant today, and avoid any deadly mistakes.

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