B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

Business-to-Business (B2B) email marketing is an extremely effective marketing practice. But, just like any other online marketing strategy, understanding what the industry best practices are will separate your latest campaign from all of the others.

Find the Right Contact Person

Be sure to research the companies you’ll be contacting; figure out who the decision maker is in each case. This ensures that the right person is reading your email rather that someone who isn’t in a position to make any decisions.

Remember that the decision maker isn’t always the President or Chief Operating Officer. This is especially true for larger companies, but also applies for different types of businesses. However, you don’t want your email to wind up in a general email account.

Change Your “Sender”

Research conducted on B2B email marketing best practices shows that the Sender of the email is tremendously important. Essentially, B2B marketing is between decision-maker to decision-maker.

Send your email marketing campaign from the CEO or President of your company rather than from a general email address. By making this simple change, you’re increasing opens and actions.

Create a Compelling Subject Line

If you’re an avid reader of email marketing tips and best practices, then you’ll recognize this important and often repeated recommendation.

According to B2B email marketing studies, a little over 1/3 of all emails are opened because of a compelling or relevant subject line.

If you’ve done the proper research on how your company can best meet potential client’s needs, then write a short, intriguing subject line that quickly grabs their attention.

Design with Mobile Devices in Mind

Most decision makers open emails on the fly – during meetings, while traveling or at home – on their mobile devices.

Keep your B2B email marketing email designs separate from your traditional email blasts. In some cases, these mobile devices are not HTML enabled and any fancy graphics and design aspects won’t load.

Keep Content Short

Typically, in any business situation, a preview window function enables the reader a quick glimpse of the content, usually no longer than two lines.

Consider these two little critical lines as your elevator speech with the decision maker. If you don’t intrigue them enough, your email won’t be opened.

After you’ve “wowed” them, keep the rest of your content short, direct and professional. Get to the point, and do so quickly.

Furthermore, by keeping your content short, you don’t risk running beyond “the fold.” Think like a newspaper editor: design your entire message so that it is “above-the-fold.” Essentially, an “above-the-fold” design allows your entire message to fit into one screen without needing to scroll.

With B2B email marketing, keeping your message short makes it memorable. If you’re unable to fit everything into one screen, then revise!

Just like the decision makers you’re contacting, you don’t have a lot of time to fuss about.

Analyze Data

Constantly and consistently analyze your B2B email marketing campaign. In terms of metrics, look for these critical data points:

• What is the percentage of opened emails?

• What is the percentage of opened emails that had direct action?

• How many emails received no action or response?

• What type of email received the best response?

• What type of email received no response?

• What was the overall return on investment (ROI) of the campaign?

After going over these reports, you will be able to adapt your B2B email marketing campaign and content accordingly.

Finally, If follow-up emails were sent to unresponsive recipients without any additional action then consider that your answer. This is where you learn, make the necessary adjustments to your B2B marketing campaign and become a better online marketer because of it. is a leading provider of interactive marketing software and services for organizations worldwide. SimplyCast’s all-in-one solution helps users automate email, survey, event, SMS, fax, Twitter and autoresponder marketing needs to effectively reach customers on their preferred mode of communication.

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