Choosing Print Managed Services and Its Importance

Print management system, as a concept, may not be entirely new, but it is an unfamiliar one to many, even though they may have been in the printing business for years.

The usual thing has always been to take your printing project to a dealer and place your order, after you have designed and conceptualized the entire project first, with much time and attention to details. You also have to be sure that your concept is the right one and would actually serve your objective. However, because the main procedure of bringing out printed materials is never trouble-free, the choice of a good Print Managed Services can help take care of your initial difficulties.

A good print management service is not only print-specialist, but they go beyond. Such services take control from the concept stage to design, print and delivery. They can conceptualize the central objective of your project and convert it into a working design or image. They will also take care of the right perspective on promotional approach.

The advantages of engaging good Services are many. It relieves you of much headache by taking over the entire project and executing it neatly, timely and according to your planning and objective, so that you can concentrate on other important matters.

Choosing Print Managed Services

An ideal service would be the one where you place your order and expect the printed materials to be delivered at your place, efficiently executed. However, not all  IT Support Provider services are that good. To help you to choose the right kind of service and derive maximum benefits, here are 7 guidelines to follow:

The Briefing Stage: First, discuss with your printing provider, everything about your project, from the order to the delivery. On your approval and finalization, the printer should note every point that has been discussed between the two of you.

The Quote Stage- This would be to ask your printer to submit a detailed quotation, based on the discussion, to know the cost your project will entail.

Post Acceptance of Quote: Once you have accepted and signed the quotation, it will become a document binding on both the parties. You may now hand over the manuscripts, artwork, or any other requirements to the printer.

The Artwork Stage: The importance of Print Managed Services begins from here. Your artwork will be thoroughly checked for quality. If the printers are not satisfied, either they will call for a fresh one or they will offer their design services.

The Draft/Proof Stage: An initial high- resolution proof/draft will be sent to you for your viewing, correction and suggestion.

The Production Stage: This is a very important stage as it concerns the actual printing process. Your printer will check every detail, from misprint to blemishes, to print size and the correctness of the colors used, to ensure the highest print quality standards.

The Packaging and Shipping Stage: This is the last stage when the printing company will pack the final product and ship or store or stagger delivery according to your instructions.

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